Mining & Metals Fuel Storage Solutions

Fuel is still one of mining and metals sector biggest overheads. Diesel fuel still powers much of the industry, from the heavy machinery to the generators that are the major power source at remote mining sites. Our diesel fuel hose reel and portable diesel transfer tank are specially designed for delivering fuel where is far away from dispensing point.

At an open pit iron ore mine, fuel used in haulage alone makes up about 30% of energy consumption. Efficiency is important for the mining & construction industry, which means the lack of fuel is not acceptable to happen while working on site.

Reducing your fuel costs starts with the right fuel storage systems. Whether that be a small mobile fuel storage tank or a large scale bulk fuel farm, our industry experts have the knowledge to help you make the most of the fuel that keeps your business running.

Agriculture Filling

With the development of the agricultural industry, an increasing number of agricultural machinery has been launched, which lead to the demand for fuel increase. Aocheng offers different fuel transfer equipment and fluid handling solutions to meet requirements related to fuel dispensing in this industry.