Automatic fuel Nozzle Shut-Off Nozzles with metering

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Automatic fuel Nozzle Shut-Off Nozzles with metering


1 Auto Shutoff: This fuel nozzle will shut off when the tank is full. Prevents waste and limits overflow and allows for precise control of the refueling process.

2. Digital display function: The price digital display function allows you to display the numbers directly, saving you the hassle of reusing the calculator by yourself and more efficient.

3 Easy to use: directly connect the oil pipe to use. This automatic nozzle allows you to control the speed of the oil. With high flow rate, you can easily fill the tank in minutes.

4 Aluminum Material: Made of aluminum alloy, durable and lightweight. Prevents hand fatigue during long periods of tank filling

5 Wide application: widely used for gasoline, fuel, we also have special type use for methanol.


Flow Rate: 0-60L/min

Medium: Kerosene, Gasoline  (Urea, methanol have other special kind)

Accuracy: ±0.5%

Outlet Diameter: 3/4"

Inlet Diameter: 3/4 inch a> Reproductivity: ≤0.2%

Maximum Working Pressure: 0.6 MPa

Built-in battery: Carbon battery AAA dry cell x 2, single 250 mAh (built-in carry).

Features: Automatic oil jumping function, display capabilities

after 40 seconds auto sleep, press either key to automatically start