ZVA Slimline Automatic Nozzle Fuel Dispensing Nozzle ATEX

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This link is without swivels, if need swivel, pls buy with other links.

The Professional automatic nozzle is ideal for filling diesel cars and commercial vehicles. It has been specially designed with a max flow rate of 80L/min to make refuelling smaller vehicles quick and easy for operators. There’s also a 3-position stay open latch for fast fuelling, this can be disabled if needed. 

The nozzle is designed to shut off the flow of fuel when the tank is full, this should prevent costly and environmentally damaging spills. These fuel nozzles are designed to be used with the ALPHA MK1/209 and are not designed for resale pump dispensers.

Key Features and Benefits:

Suitable with diesel and biodiesel up to B30

Standard speed

Automatically shuts off the flow of fuel when the vehicle tank is full

3-position stay open latch can be disabled if required

¾" aluminium reducing bush available (BSH.4.3A)

For use with electric pumps only

ATEX certified

Max pressure 58psi (4 bar)

1-year warranty